PSA Nitrogen Generator & Membrane Nitrogen Generator

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SUZHOU SINCE GAS SYSTME CO.,LTD is a high-tech joint-stock enterprises , which is located in Tai Hu lake of beautiful Yangtze river delta-Suzhou high and new technology develop zone, It covers an area ...

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Quality Guarantee : I Quality guarantee The whole set of system guarantee period 18 months since export from factory or 12 months after tested, the two conditions based on the prior date,during this ...

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पते : No78,Tongxin Road,High technology districit,Suzhou City

Worktime को कम करना: 8:30-17:00 (बीजिंग बार)

फैक्स : 86-512-66206038

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Suzhou since gas system  co.,ltd


  SINCE-GAS devoted to gas field development,who established in 2004, we manufacture PSA nitrogen generators,Membrane nitrogen generators,PSA oxygen generators,PSA hydrogen generator,with other  gas recoverinig,purifier device,   With 1000 sets output,we delivered to our machines to many countries,area, like Signapore,Ind...

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Quality Guarantee :   I  Quality guarantee The whole set of system guarantee period 18 months since export from factory or 12 months after tested, the two conditions based on the ...

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    SINCE now has more than 105 worker, half of them are technical engineers, one quarter of them were high educated, SINCE had advanced technology in gas Industry, strogner manufacturing ability and perfect achievement       ...

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संपर्क करें

पते: No78,Tongxin Road,High technology districit,Suzhou City

फैक्टरी पता:No78,Tongxin Road,High technology districit,Suzhou City

  • दूरभाष:86-512-66060178
  • फैक्स:86-512-66206038
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  • Worktime को कम करना:8:30-17:00
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